Dream Gift machine

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We hope every player could enjoy in every game after using our hardware products, and also we are looking forward to work with enthusiastic players to create new equipments in the future. In bleegame, there are many kinds of product. If you are interest in our products, please contact us, we are happy to have your attention.

Product Features:

  • Game Dimensions: 1820*1330*1920mm
  • Material: 23.7inch HD display
  • Net Weight: 400kg
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Power: 500W
  • Color Option: 1 Set
  • Players: 1 player
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Package(container): carton+ wood frame
  • Package (LCL): carton+ wood frame

How To Play It ?
1. Put the token into the game and start;
2. Press the (A-D) button on the console to select the gift you want to challenge;
3. At the beginning of the game, you can get the gift you challenged by catching 20 balls;
4. After winning the prize, the cabinet door will pop open automatically, take out your trophy

Machine introduction:
1.Dream of a gift machine with two-sided double-sided console, which is economical and practical and can be placed in the middle of the field. The appearance is high-end, the gift cabinet is transparent and atmospheric, and you can choose gifts and place them as you like.
2.Simple and direct mechanical catching gameplay, just catch 20 colored balls to get exquisite gifts. However, this upgraded version adds the mysterious red ball running light gameplay, catching the red ball has a chance to win the “JP” award, which makes the game more lively and exciting, and the “JP” lottery rewards are continuously sent.


Customer Reviews

Thanks for providing us perfect original design,which is meet our requirement completely.

The first factory in guangzhou with professional designer team,garden style factory,fashion office,modern factory manage model make us keep long-term cooperation.

We were pleased with your product quality,the counters with glossy baking paint like the mirror,and the workmanshio is exquisite.

Despite numerous queries for us,you soonest respond make us without missing in this business.your quickly design speed and good service are satisfied to the utmost degree for ue again

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