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Cotton Candy Vending Machine

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The competition in the market is flying, and there are many opportunities. To have your path in the market requires not only great investments, and maintenance of good projects but also a strong market growth environment. Everyone needs opportunities to flourish in their earnings. Today we will introduce to you an opportunity in which you can attain high profits with low investment. Are you ready to avail this opportunity? The opportunity is about  Commercial Cotton Candy Vending Machines. You can earn great profits with low investment.

Blee’s commercial cotton candy vending machine is equivalent to a shop. This machine is a fully automatic double-cabinet machine. Its weight is 220 kg. Its product size is 130×65×175cm. This machine can be in any indoor environment with temperatures of 10°C to 30°C. This machine only consumes -39 g of sugar per candy. It is made of metal material. The machine’s operating power is 2500 W. It has 24 fancy flower types on display.

How to use

The cotton Candy machine is very easy to use. Firstly, you have to select their favourite flower type which is displayed on the screen. The machine has 24 fancy flower options to choose from for your candy. Secondly, choose the method of payment. You can pay via coins, cash or credit card. After the payment, the process of making cotton candy will begin. After the completion of the process,  your cotton candy is ready and you can simply take out your cotton candy.

Product Details

  • Blee’s cotton candy machine has a smart manipulator which replaces manual operation.
  • The machine has an intelligent burner temperature control. This burner can detect automatically when the manipulator appears above it. Because of temperature control, the flower Candy is smooth like silk out.
  • This machine has a smart heating utility knife which is a little expert in the styling of candy.
  • The cotton candy machine has an isolated fetching compartment through which you can fetch out your candy and which is cleaner and safer.
  • One can touch the advertising operation screen, just a slight touch and ads replace themselves.
  • Another best feature of this machine is its burner can clean itself automatically after the production of Candy.

Advantages of the cotton candy machine

1. Advertising screen revenue

This machine has an advertising operation screen. One can earn revenue only just by displaying different advertisements on it.

2. Cotton candy machine is a vending machine. It is good for a sideline business, to generate revenue. This machine is equivalent to a shop. One can earn a great deal of money by placing it in highly populated areas like markets, parks or malls, etc.

3. Cotton Candy machine is a completely closed machine and its production process is simple.

4. The best advantage is that you can manage it from your mobile phone remotely.

5. Machine has a transparent kitchen. So one can watch the process of making cotton candy. Its windows are also ornamental.

6. Its fetching door automatically lifts for you to fetch your candy out. So the door is anti-pinching.

7. The cost of accessories is low but earnings are high.

8. Cotton candy machines have four different flavours of cotton candy.

One can enjoy a healthy and delicious sugar fruit taste. The four fruit flavours that this machine offers are strawberry, orange, cantaloupe and milk.

Plus points for business

  • This business is unmanned and investors and does not need Labour for sale.
  • Its maintenance is very simple but it gives high profits with low-cost investment.
  • Feature vending machines are not highly available in the market so it is a good investment.
  • To store traffic for more sales, you can set discount coupons.
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