2 Player air hockey sport arcade

Game Dimensions: 220*120*100cm

Material: Metal cabinet and tempered glass

Net Weight: 180KG

Voltage: 110V/220V

Power: 160W

Color Option: 1 Set

Players: 1 player

Warranty: 12 Months

Package(container): carton+ wood frame

Package (LCL): carton+ wood frame

How To Play It?

1. input the token and start the game.
2. the ball will be out of the exit;
3. grab the handle and shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal.
4. When any party gets a score or game time over. the game ends.

Machine introduction:

1. air hockey games.you can start to the game competition;
2. any one party in a specified time to shoot into the defense’s ball door more. then you will win.
3. display panel will appear 0:0 ratio and time. disc will automatically drop out of the ball;
4. two children can match to stimulate the children’s awareness of the game;
5. it is a chance to build up good relationship between the parents and the children by the way of the game.
6. it can reach the extremities physical exercise. the purpose of mental training.