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Cocktail Table Arcade Machine

we are a professional manufacture for developing and producing game machines. We love amusement game machine, also we pay lots attention on amusement game machine.

Bring back the nostalgic feeling of a retro pizza parlor with our premium arcade machines with pre-installed classic arcade games! The high quality monitor, thick tempered glass, and premium joysticks provide an unmatched feeling of precision craftsmanship that you won’t get from any other arcades. Our arcade machines come fully-assembled and is plug and play ready. Not only can you play for free, but you can also run the arcade in paid play to generate revenue! This classic arcade game machine includes your favorite classic arcade games.

FULL-SIZE COMMERCIAL GRADE: Equipped with the Highest Quality SANWA Joysticks, arcade button, 19″ LCD Monitor, Thick Tempered Glass, and more! We stand behind our products because we are industry leaders in quality craftsmanship and design.
60 in 1 CLASSIC GAMES INCLUDED: Feel like a kid again while playing the pre-installed 80’s and 90’s classic games! Whether playing for fun or competitively with your friends and family, this arcade machine is guaranteed to be a big hit!
PLUG AND PLAY: No setup necessary. Simply plug the game machine in and choose from a comprehensive game list. Supports free and paid gameplay with no setup required. All of our Arcade Models also include a commercial grade custom Volume Control Module with Bass, Treble and Balance inside the cabinet.

Product Features:

  • Game Dimensions 65*90*75cm
  • Net Weight 80KG
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Power 260W
  • Color Option: 1 Set
  • Players: 2 player
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Package(container): carton+ wood frame
  • Package (LCL): carton+ wood frame

60 in 1 Game list:

1942 Galaxian Pac-Man Plus
1943 Gun Smoke Pac-Man Plus (Fast mode)
Kai Gyruss Pengo
Amidar Hustler Phoenix
Amidar Jr. Pac-Ma Pinball Action
Arkanoid Jr. Pac-Man (Fast Mode) Pleiads
Bomb Jack Jumping Jack Pooyan
Burger Time Juno First Qix
Centipede King and Balloon Scramble
Congo Bongo Ladybug Shao-Lin’s Road
Crush Roller Mappy Space Invaders
Dig Dug Millipede Space Panic
Dig Dug 2 Moon Cresta Super Breakout
Donkey Kong Mr. Do Super Cobra
Donkey Kong Jr. Mr. Do’s Castle Super Pac-Man
Donkey Kong 3 Ms. Pac-Man Tank Battalion
Frogger Ms. Pac-Man (Fast mode) The End
Galaga New Rally X Time Pilot
Galaga (Fast Fire Mode) Pac-Man Van-Van Car
Galaga 3 Pac-Man (Fast Mode) Zaxxon

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