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CPU Comparison Type Sidearm Coin selector

Whether you’re building your own arcade cabinet or just charging admission to your house, this programmable coin acceptor makes it easy to monetize your next project. There are a ton of cool coin-operated projects just *waiting *to be built!

Product Specification:

Diameter of coin:22mm-28mm

Thickness of coin:1.7mm-2.2mm

Working temperature:-15℃-+50℃

Working voltage:DC+12V±10%

Coin signal output:O.C.(open collector)type

Working current:60mA±50%-1.3A±10%

Product characteristics:

1.Suit for all kinds of tokens.

2.CPU program control and score correctly.

3.Special design for anti-EMI(electromagnetic interference).

4.Special design:precise/normal switch,inserting coins more smoothly.

5.Back open design,adti-jamming coins.


  • Removing the plastic coin from the coin groove and insert the using coins.
  • Changing COIN SW1 according to the main board .PC board with revolving lamp ?normally use NC;other PC board use NO
  • Changing COIN SW2 according to the main board,Fast 25ms and Medium 50ms normally suit for common game machine,Slow 100ms suit for amusement machine.
  • VR knob is used to adjust the sensitivity of the coin acceptance.Clockwise turning is a slack selection,the counterclockwise a strict selection.Generally,It had been adjusted in the factory.
  • If find the coin pass unsmooth,please adjust the precision switch,or turn the VR knob to the suitable direction.



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