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About Arcade Joysticks

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There are all kinds of arcade joysticks on the market. Some players have trouble buying them, so let’s talk about the knowledge of arcade joysticks today.

*Arcade joystick range
#Arcade joystick range is divided into three types: big eight-way, small eight-way and four-way. Four-way joysticks are mainly used in industry and special machinery. Crane grippers that can only move up and down, left and right are the more common ones. Four-way joystick.

#The difference between the big eight-direction and the small eight-direction lies in the movement range of the joystick. The movement range of the big eight-direction joystick is about 3.5cm, and the movement range of the small eight-direction joystick is about 1.5~2.7cm. Due to the different range of motion, the range of hand strokes when the joystick makes a complete turn is different. According to the formula of the circumference of a circle in mathematics: C=2πr, it can be concluded that the larger the radius and the longer the rocker, the larger the swiping range of one rotation, and the more tired the wrists and arms will be.
#Big eight-way Arcade joystick requires a large range of motion, so small inaccurate input will not cause much impact. However, the small eight directions require extremely high accuracy due to the relatively small motion range. A slight extra input will cause the command to be incorrectly input.
*Square file and round file
There is a retaining ring on the bottom structure of the rocker to control the motion trajectory of the rocker. Rotate the joystick in one direction along the edge. If the track is a circle, it is a round gear, and if the track is square, it is a square gear. Players gradually find that the positioning of square gears is more convenient than round gears. Basically, square gears are available in the market. Round gears are now relatively rare. However, round gears and square gears can be replaced after the joystick is removed. The game can choose

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