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Why get pandora box arcade console?

The pandora box arcade console is designed to give -you- the -best gaming experience that can take you to the old days. If you miss the games of the 90s then this is the game console you are looking for. The games are rejuvenated with new technology. You can add a speaker to the pandora box arcade console or enjoy using your earphone. This time you are not limited to two player games only, you can also play your favorite games online. The graphics quality of the games has been improved a lot from the old days. Yet it doesn’t take much time to load. A new game is only a click away for you to enjoy.

What to expect when you order online?
The entire game box is a large package that measures 70x27x17cm. If you are looking forward to ordering online you can’t foresee the real package size. It is so large because the game console for two players is large itself. The controls are built with enough room for movements. You can get the best gaming experience to from this control. The weight of the controller is 2.9 kg.
How is the controller designed?
The Controller is printed with high-quality game graphics. The controller is designed for two players. It consists of the joystick, six player buttons, a play/ pause button. The controller is huge, so you can take comfort while playing the games.
Connections of the controller
The rear panel of the controller consists of a variety of ports. There is VGA port as well as HDMI port. So, you can enjoy your gaming time in old TVs, New TV, or a monitor. It is up to your preference. There is also an audio port that you can use for both earphones and speaker. A couple of USB port is also available in the controller. The USB ports let you connect the game to the PC and play online using the internet. It also has a power connection and a power adapter interface.
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